Vection Group



The Vection Group Data Intelligence Platform allows private and commercial sectors to leverage their data in one centralized location. We provide the tools you need to collect, store, analyze and secure core information critical to performance.


Utilize the Full Potential of Your Data

Our platform uses real-time services that ingest information from many API content sources, at multiple classification levels, and with varied levels of access authorization. This information may be entered into the system by various methods, including live feeds, manual feeds, pre-populated content API’s, geospatial alerting & messaging, and web-based forms.

 Marketers Start Your Engines

Real-time processing of customer data now enables you to provide personalized engagement across all your marketing channels. Discover insights and trends across your content and products and let the data drive recommendations for you.


Data Orchestration

Make Your Data Sing


 Vection Group Cross-Domain Architectures

The military decision-making process depends on reliable and timely data transmissions between field operations and associated command centers.  Vection Group’s Data Intelligence platform delivers cross-domain solutions based on open industry standards using an enterprise message bus architecture, SOA, and XML technologies. Vection also utilizes a broad set of net-centric services in a cross-domain environment, providing advanced situational awareness within a complex command and control environment. All of this is delivered through Vection’s proprietary user interface and massive API libraries.