Vection Group

Transforming the way United States Armed Forces communicates with Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

 Geospatial Alerting

Store and search all data points you need for organizing military operations, analyzing land usage and mapping assets and their locations across the board.


Efficient Data Transfer/Management






Bring your data that needs computing closer to the location where it is needed. Our systems perform computation on local devices to allow for the fastest access to your data.


Fog computing provides storage, applications, and data to end-users that are close and within reach.


Providing long term storage and cross-referencing to data across on a large scale we keep all network signals synchronized across the cloud and accessible to all parties when needed.


 Service Level Revenue

Vection Group Cross-Domain Architectures 

The military decision-making process depends on reliable and timely data transmissions between field operations and associated command centers.  Vection Group’s SmartTikr delivers cross-domain solutions based on open industry standards using an enterprise message bus architecture, SOA, and XML technologies. Vection also utilizes a broad set of net-centric services in a cross-domain environment, providing advanced situational awareness within a complex command and control environment. All of this is delivered through Vection’s proprietary user interface and massive API libraries.

What sets VG’s Cross-Domain Architecture apart?

Cross-Domain Data Dissemination supports the sharing of information, with user access controls based on user roles, user access credentials, and full object labeling. A fielded SmartTikr system using Cross-Domain Data Dissemination provides enterprise level services that ingest information from many API content sources, at multiple classification levels, and with varied levels of access authorization. This information may be entered into the system by various methods, including live feeds, manual feeds, real-time content restful API’s, geospatial alerting & messaging, and web-based forms. The enterprise services encrypt, configures, normalize and summarize the data and provides specific access to details of the data based on the user’s clearance and authorized role.

A universal operational picture of the system supports the integration of Vection Group’s SmartTikr proprietary stock market ticker style user interface services. Our secret sauce is comprised of a unique stacked ticker-tape style user interface with individual content API’s streaming encrypted and password protected data fields. Our services allow the user to access the information through restful API’s, browser-based thin clients, Google Earth clients, and other standards-based and custom client interfaces.